The Populist

A New Kind of Political Thriller

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Thrills, politics, spies, comedy, satire, great characters, exotic locations and a lot of attitude. A new kind of political thriller.

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The Populist

Who thinks he has an answer to the Greater Persian Question? Who’s going to save a nation on the brink? What’s going down in the Libyan desert? Why all the motorcycles? What’s the deal with the iguanas? And, most of all...

Who is John Dolt?

A fortuitous encounter in the bathroom section. Menacing objects in the African sky. A secret and luxurious fortress in the Costa Rican jungle. A strike of all the really productive people. A private army on the streets. An honest man thrust into the seat of power.


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The Story

What happens when an ordinary Everyman gets swept up into high politics, and gets a one-time-only chance to make his mark?

Our hero is John Dolt – and heroes don’t get any more ordinary than our John.

It all started when John brushed against the soul of political power down at the Big Builder Warehouse. Was it Destiny that pushed him off that ladder?

And now he’s the Last Great Hope of the nation, with a high-powered political team and a private army at his command.

Will he be able to resolve the Greater Persian Question? There are sinister forces out there that would like to. And not in the nicest way, either…

Meanwhile, England is wracked by disturbances, and the Prime Minister is desperate.

Can John Dolt bring peace in our time? At what price? Is someone manipulating him? To what end? Will he act out the role he’s been given - or will he embrace the Dark Side?

And so the question on everyone’s lips remains:

Who is John Dolt?

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